What we believe in

We are all created by God in His image and loved by Him. That is the foundation of our commitment to everyone who lives in Groningen. We strive to look out for all of the municipality’s inhabitants. Everyone deserves dignity and should have access to the same opportunities, regardless of their gender, race, faith, sexual identity, health, age, education level or achievements.

In the past four years, as part of the municipality government, we worked hard for our ideals. We contributed to a more equitable Groningen; a city that works for everyone. Governing is a privilege and a responsibility. Partly because of our work, the city has made big steps in the past years, but at the same time we see that we can, and must, do better.

Our views in short

Look out for each other – Big and small acts of kindness, countless volunteers, family, friends and neighbours caring for each other: we want to support these unsung heroes. The municipality needs to care for and protect those who are vulnerable. We particularly strive to provide the means to sex workers who want a way out.

Cultivate Groningen’s many faces – Groningen is a diverse municipality, from the bustling city centre to the smaller villages in the country. We cherish these differences.

Invest in affordable housing – Housing might be the biggest challenge of our time. We want to invest in sustainable housing, of which at least 30% needs to be social rental housing. While developing these units, we want to preserve nature and our green zones. For students, we want to build housing units at Zernike campus and address housing discrimination.

Climate justice – What we stand for: everybody gets the chance to live a sustainable lifestyle. That includes insulating drafty houses and providing alternatives to natural gas. The government helps those who need it.

Living to connect – We don't just want to build houses, but establish communities. Every neighbourhood should have a community centre. In designing public spaces or housing, we take a people-centred approach, geared towards fighting loneliness and enabling social activities for people of all backgrounds.

Some of our goals

  1. Additional funds for voluntary work and informal care
  2.  A private room for every homeless person staying overnight in a facility
  3. A community centre in every neighbourhood or town
  4. Centrally organized enrollment for primary schools
  5. A municipal counter for relationships and parental affairs
  6. Small-scale public transport within the neighbourhoods and towns, supplemental to busses
  7.  Student houses and corresponding facilities at Zernike Campus
  8. Courtyard housing where senior and less-senior citizens can live together
  9. Participation and co-determination for residents in close proximity to solar parks and wind mills
  10. Additional funds for exit programs for sex workers